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Career Prospects

Our NEW Master Political Science with a two-track study model is designed as well for students who want to extend their skills in scientific research as for students aiming a career outside academia as we offer both methodological training and profound practical training. Graduates of the program can thus embark on successful scientific careers and continue their political science studies toward a Ph.D., while others can pursue professional careers in public administration, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, press, interest groups and public relations. For our international students, we additionally offer the possibility to complete the whole program in English.

Admission criteria

For admission to the Master program in Political Science, applicants need to have graduated from a corresponding BA program, a closely related program from a University of Applied Sciences, or an equivalent program from an accepted domestic or foreign post-secondary institution of education.

Study Fees

No tuition fees are required for the MA program in Political Science as long as students do not exceed the program’s normal length of four semesters. However, a small obligatory activity fee (currently € 18.70/semester) in support of the Austrian Student Union is collected from all students. Exceptions apply to third-country nationals who are charged tuition fees of € 745.42 per semester.

Study goals and contents

The MA Political Science is designed for BA degree holders wanting to substantially deepen their scientific knowledge and those already in a profession but interested in a qualified advanced training. The program’s stated objectives are for students to acquire highly specialized knowledge about the field of study along with advanced methodological skills. Program participants will also learn how to develop innovative research questions, compose seminar papers that are theoretically and methodologically well-grounded, and defend their arguments in an oral presentation. Graduates of the program will be able to critically analyze and evaluate complex political subject matters and gain a rich expertise on which to draw in the professional practice.

Why Salzburg?

Good reasons why to consider Salzburg as your ideal location for MA study are all of the following:

  • The high quality of research and teaching combined with its international orientation
  • Highly flexible and individualized designs of the study program to suit your needs
  • Small class sizes and interactive format
  • Individual attention and excellent mentoring
  • Cooperation with the Salzburg Centre for European Union Studies (SCEUS)
  • Close interaction with predominantly international students of the EUS Master program
  • Attractive, scenic location in the old town Salzburg with great overall infrastructure

Students with a superior record may find opportunities to work as research assistants in funded projects undertaken by the faculty. By doing so, individuals may gain first-hand experience in actual scientific research and in the administration of such (international) projects.

The MA program in Political Science allows for individualized course programs based on your personal interests, needs, and preferences. Along with the two core areas to be selected from four optional modules, students must choose between a research-oriented and an applied module. The core of the academic program is composed of specialized issue-specific seminars and a rigorous set of compulsory methods courses (including research design courses and computer-assisted statistics). The following elective courses offerings are designed to complement and further deepen the training graduates receive: Gender Studies, Geography and Regional Planning, Communication Sciences, Law, Economics, Contemporary History, etc.

International orientation

The Department of Political Science is internationally oriented in its teaching and research. Although the overall program is in German, a significant number of courses are taught in English. German-taught classes routinely use English-language texts and allow students to complete written work including, importantly, the MA thesis in English.

The importance of an international experience for the future career prospects of graduates is recognized by the MA program in that study-abroad periods are strongly encouraged and supported by the department. Students may especially draw on the many opportunities available under the ERASMUS Program. In this context, the department has established formalized exchanges with a range of top European universities such as the Institut d‘Études Politiques Paris, the University of Warwick, the University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, the University of Pavia, the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul and many more. Additional opportunities are afforded through participating in the Joint Study Program.

Another attractive feature of the MA Political Science at the University of Salzburg is the extensive international experience and reputation of its teaching staff. Faculty members are globally connected in their research and professional activities, publish in top international journals, and have consulted local, national, and international institutions and governments.

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The University is one of the largest employers in the country and, as such, is a major stimulus for the economy of Salzburg.

The University is one of the largest employers in the country and, as such, is a major stimulus for the economy of Salzburg. اطلاعات محدود