MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Education


The MIT Sloan School of Management, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the world’s leading business schools — conducting cutting-edge research and providing management education to top students from more than 60 countries. The School is part of MIT’s rich intellectual tradition of education and research. MIT Sloan began in 1914 as engineering administration curriculum in the MIT Department of Economics and Statistics.

The scope and depth of this educational focus have grown steadily in response to advances in the theory and practice of management to today’s broad-based management school. A program offering a master’s degree in management was established in 1925.

The world’s first university-based executive education program — the MIT Sloan Fellows — was created in 1931 under the sponsorship of Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., an 1895 MIT graduate who was then chairman of General Motors. A MIT Sloan Foundation grant established the MIT School of Industrial Management in 1952 with a charge of educating the “ideal manager.”

MIT Sloan Advantage

Since its founding, the MIT Sloan School of Management has been a leader in providing managers with the tools they need to drive innovation. From option pricing theory to systems dynamics, MIT Sloan's concepts continue to enhance management education and improve its practice around the world.

Within executive education, our vision is to be the school of choice for developing leadership talent in companies strategically driven by innovation, emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, and global reach. We will strive to achieve this vision by:

  • Developing, and maintaining relationships with a core set of clients who value our distinctive competence
  • Providing our clients with the most cutting-edge programs that reflect the depth and expertise of our faculty
  • Integrating MIT's research distinction, especially in the area of emerging technologies, with cutting-edge management practices
  • Utilizing technology to deliver education effectively and efficiently on a global basis

Leadership has never been more important than it is today. We seek to assist you in developing innovative leaders who will drive the creation of cutting-edge products, markets, and new business ventures.


The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Offer premier programs for shaping leaders who will create, redefine, and build cutting-edge products, services, markets, and organizations;
  • Collaborate across MIT to capitalize on and contribute to the Institute’s distinctive intellectual excellence and entrepreneurial culture;
  • Attract, develop, and retain outstanding faculty and staff who lead the world in management education and research;
  • Enroll students with integrity, strong leadership potential, high aspirations, and exceptional intellectual ability;
  • and Foster a cooperative and adventurous learning community that includes alumni and business partners, works on important problems, and is based on mutual respect, rigorous analysis, and high ethical standards.

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