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At Andrew Jackson University, this is what it has been all about since day one. When Robert Norris started the University in 1994, he had a dream of creating an education program that was accessible and affordable. In the early days, Robert was proud of the motto - "We deliver quality education to your doorstep."

Since the first day, our focus has been on our students, and we've grown with them. In 1994 the internet was still in its infancy, and distance education was delivered via paper the way it had been for a hundred years. Today, technology has taken distance education mobile. Our courses are flexible and can be taken anytime and anywhere. Our students have the freedom to complete their coursework when it fits their life. To assist them, our faculty have the same freedom - to teach our students anytime and anywhere.

In 2008 we celebrate our 15th year and our 10th as an accredited institution. We've gone from being Robert's dream to a school with three named colleges and eleven-degree programs.

At Andrew Jackson University, education is completely mobile. It truly can be taken anywhere, and our students get what they need, to go where they want to go!


Andrew Jackson University’s mission is to provide relevant education of the highest quality at a reasonable cost to working adults who seek career advancement and a more fulfilling life experience. This mission is supported by the development of Colleges within the University that not only fulfill the needs of the general population, but also address the learning requirements of specific professions that are underserved by mainstream academia.

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Online & Campus Combined تمام وقت پاره وقت September 2018 آمریکا Birmingham

استاد مدیریت دولتی یک برنامه تخصصی است که رهبران برنامه ریزی و مدیریتی را در دولت فدرال، ایالتی یا محلی و همچنین مدیران دولتی فعلی که می خواهند تجربه حرفه ای خود را افزایش دهند جذب می کند. [+]

برنامه های تحصیلات تکمیلی ارائه شده در دانشگاه اندرو جکسون برای فارغ التحصیلان کالج طراحی شده اند که در حال حاضر برای حفظ وظایف در سطح متوسط ​​یا اجرایی فعالیت می کنند. آنها افرادی هستند که مایل به پیشرفت و غنی سازی حرفه های غیر آکادمیک خود با آمادگی کامل و حرفه ای تر حرفه ای در زمینه های انتخابی خود هستند.

مقطع کارشناسی ارشد که در دانشگاه اندرو جکسون ارائه می شود دانش آموزان را با دانش کامل از یک رشته خاص و تسلط بر روش های بورس تحصیلی تولید می کند. برای کمک به دستیابی به مأموریت و اهداف دانشگاه، برنامه های آموزشی بر معیارهای زیر تمرکز دارند:... [-]