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The Global Alliance in Management Education

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CEMS is a strategic alliance of leading business schools and multinational companies. Its first mission is to set a global standard of excellence for pre-experience Master’s in management.

Founded in 1988 in Europe, the network has grown steadily, largely due to the success and popularity of the CEMS Master’s in International Management: the MIM programme. Today, CEMS is the global league of leaders on the pre-experience Master’s market and it cannot be equalled in terms of reputation of its members: 26 world-class academic institutions collaborate together with more than 64 corporate partners to offer international, postgraduate students a unique blend of high quality education and professional experience.

The CEMS members cooperate on the following initiatives:

-- CEMS MIM (M.Sc. in International Management), a prestigious supranational business degree that can be acknowledged as the best passport for an international career. This one-year joint degree programme is exclusively open to the Master's students of the CEMS schools who meet very strict selection criteria, and receive the CEMS degree in conjunction with their home degree.

-- CEMS also fosters faculty cooperation for joint teaching, research and doctoral education.

CEMS Mission Statement

Approved by the highest CEMS governing bodies in November 2008, the current mission statement reflects the ethical and responsible approach that the CEMS alliance takes to management education.

CEMS is a global alliance of academic and corporate institutions dedicated to educating and preparing future generations of international business leaders.

The CEMS academic and corporate members work collectively to develop knowledge and provide education that is essential in the multilingual, multicultural and interconnected business world.

The joint CEMS Master’s in International Management is the main vehicle for achieving this goal.

Common to all activities is the aim of promoting global citizenship, with particular emphasis placed upon the following values:

  • The pursuit of excellence with high standards of performance and ethical conduct;
  • Understanding and drawing upon cultural diversity with respect and empathy;
  • Professional responsibility and accountability in relation to society as a whole.

Key Facts & Figures

Latest Key Facts & Figures - the 2010 Financial Times Master's in Management ranking, the 2010-11 student cohort and the 2010 Graduate Survey.

2010 Financial Times Global Master's in Management Ranking

CEMS MIM ranked 2nd in the world, 1st in the 3-year ranking and 1st for combined international criteria. 4 CEMS schools in the top 5, 9 in the top 25, 18 in the overall ranking.

CEMS cohort of 2010-11

  • Total number of students: 904
  • 51% male, 49% female
  • 64 nationalities (including 30 non-European)

CEMS Graduate Survey 2010

A survey was carried out among the class of CEMS MIM Graduates 2009, five months after graduation. 43% response rate.

  • 99% were employed within 3 months of graduation.
  • 41% of respondents are located outside of their home country.
  • 71% of respondents interact with 3 or more different nationalities on a daily basis.

Sector of activity: Management Consulting 20%, Consumer goods 16%, Energy 9%, Investment Banking 8%, Commercial/private banking 6%, Telecommunications 6%, Media/information 5%

Functional area: Finance 24%, Marketing 15%, General management 10%, Sales/Export 9%, Audit 3%, Management control 3%, Production/operations/supply chain 3%

Global Presence

From its Pan-European beginnings in 1988 the CEMS alliance has grown to become a truly global organisation.

* From a European community to a Global alliance

Approved by the CEMS Executive Board in 2007, the current globalisation strategy has seen CEMS open up to Asia, Australasia, and North and South America. Over the past two years schools from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Singapore and Turkey have begun delivering the CEMS MIM for the first time. Japan became the latest CEMS full member country in at the end of 2010, with the CEMS MIM to be delivered from the beginning of the 2011-12 academic year.

This evolution is reflected by the increasingly cosmopolitan make-up of the entering cohort of students. The current class comprises 64 nationalities, of which 34 are European and 30 non-European.

Upon graduation they then go on to take a truly international career trajectory in a great variety of sectors and in many cases within multinational companies.

CEMS also remains a strong global player within the corporate world, working in close collaboration with over 60 multinational companies, all of whom enjoy a high reputation both nationally and internationally.

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Cems کارشناسی ارشد در مدیریت بین المللی (cems MIM)

Campus تمام وقت September 2017 فرانسه Paris ژاپن Tokyo هلند Rotterdam نروژ Bergen لهستان ورشو پرتغال Lisbon روسیه St. Petersburg سنگاپور اسپانیا Barcelona سوئد Stockholm سویس St.Gallen بوقلمون İstanbul هنگ کنگ Hong Kong ایتالیا Milan ایرلند Dublin استرالیا سیدنی اتریش Vienna بلژیک Louvain-la-Neuve برزیل São Paulo کانادا لندن چین Beijing جمهوری چک Prague دانمارک Copenhagen فنلاند Helsinki آلمان Cologne بریتانیا مجارستان Budapest هندوستان Kolkata Agde + {تعداد} بیشتر

CEMS MIM است کارشناسی ارشد، قبل از تجربه درجه به یک گروه را انتخاب کنید از دانش آموزان باز در برنامه کارشناسی ارشد در یکی از موسسات پیشرو 28 ثبت نام [+]

CEMS MIM کارشناسی ارشد در مدیریت بین المللی

CEMS اتحاد استراتژیک مدارس کسب و کار، شرکت های چند ملیتی و سازمان های غیر دولتی که با هم ارائه CEMS کارشناسی ارشد در مدیریت بین المللی (MIM) است. دفتر اداری CEMS در پردیس HEC نزدیک به پاریس واقع شده است، با برنامه و روابط شرکت های بزرگ که توسط یک تیم اختصاصی در هر مدرسه عضو اداره می شود. شما همه دانشگاه های عضو CEMS با استفاده از کلمات کلیدی "CEMS" در اصلی در موتور جستجو مدیریت قطب نما و یا با کلیک کردن روی CEMS لیست شرکای زیر پیدا کنید.... [-]

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