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Institutional introduction

The University of Girona (UdG) is a young, dynamic and public university striving to become a benchmark university of the Mediterranean Arc through excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer. It is succeeding through a constant and enriching dialogue among a wide variety of knowledge areas ranging from the sciences to the arts, and including health and wellbeing, the social sciences, the humanities and technology.

The UdG is a homogeneous ensemble in which the relationship between teaching staff and students is agile, direct and individualised, with facilities that make the most of old civic and religious buildings as university centres and with a newly built campus set in a green area. The Science and Technology Park allows for a more dynamic relationship and improved knowledge transfer with the business world, the productive network of the country. These favourable circumstances are enhanced by the UdG’s surroundings: a city that enjoys an intense cultural life and a developed economic region with broad European projection. The UdG identifies internationalisation as a key strategic line for the future of the University and develops it in various areas: international teaching activity, the mobility of students and teachers, internationalisation, development and cooperation. Within the framework of internationalisation, the UdG is strongly working to attract foreign students.

The UdG is integrated into teaching and research cooperation structures in the south of Europe as the Euro-Mediterranean Tourism and Water Campus (e-MTA) which holds the distinction of International Campus of Excellence. It allows cross-border and regional cooperation to be promoted amongst research centres and universities in the south of France and the Balearic Islands. The UdG is also exploring new fields of internationalisation of strategic importance such as Cultural Heritage and Migration. The International Campus of Excellence gives the UdG international influence and, at the same time, prepares it to face future challenges.

Grants for 2014 – 2015 University of Girona Master’s Degree Studies Award 100 registration grants for official master’s degree studies at the University of Girona (UdG) to Spanish or foreign students, totalling €300,000.

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Campus تمام وقت September 2018 اسپانیا Girona فرانسه Dijon بریتانیا ادینبورگ + {تعداد} بیشتر

کارشناسی ارشد در مکانیک مواد و سازه هدف آن اتصال دانش فعلی در نظریه های رفتار مواد و تکنیک های نوآورانه در عمل مهندسی سازه [+]

کارشناسی ارشد در مکانیک مواد و سازه است که در دانش آموزان که مایل به توسعه دانش و مهارت های خود را در زمینه رفتار مکانیکی مواد و سازه ها انجام شده است. هدف آن پیوند دانش فعلی در نظریه های رفتار مواد و تکنیک های نوآورانه در عمل مهندسی سازه. برنامه درسی پیشنهادی بر به خصوص در تکنیک های محاسباتی، مواد مکانیک، طراحی سازه های پیشرفته و روش تجربی است. استادان فراهم می کند دانش آموزان با مهارت های لازم برای درک اهداف رشته درگیر و توانایی طراحی راه حل برای مشکلات پیشرفته در این زمینه.... [-]

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