University College of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts StPOL


University College of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts StPOL

Since it was founded, StPOL has always had a very clear idea: the ideal environment for hotel training is that of a University Hotel-School, pioneering this trend in Europe. Therefore in 1966 a training program was created, formed by a hotel-school with a restaurant in which university hospitality students could do their practice immediately with real customers under the supervision and direct assessment of professional teaching staff.

One of our mottos was thus developed: “learning by doing”, probably the one that best sums up the philosophy and concept of hotel-school where nothing is taken for granted until it has been practised as many times as necessary in a real working environment and confirmed by the professional’s criterion.

EUHT StPOL was also the first school in Spain to create a program and specific training methodology of theory-practice in hospitality management at a time when training plans in Spain hardly distinguished hospitality in the tourist area.

Then, like now, it was at the forefront, not only in the form but also in the base and the numerous generations of executives and hotel managers, chefs with Michelin stars, sommeliers, heads of service… etc., who have the Hotel-Escuela de Sant Pol de Mar in their curriculums, which allows EUHT StPOL to continue to innovate and open new paths in the field of’ training.


EUHT StPOL’s mission is to train future departmental heads and general managers of hotel and restaurant establishments from excellence, regardless of their location.EUHT StPOL’s vision is to continue to be a pioneering school in Europe and the benchmark in a sector with an integral quality training model in which theory, practice and research complement each other through the formula of a Hotel-School:

“He told him and he forgot;
he saw it and believed;
he did it and understood”

Confucius, 554-479 bc.

The strategic action of EUHT StPOL is based on its identifying values, action guides and characteristic convictions. Its series of identity values particularly include: the quality of the service, personalised attention through tutoring and a teaching methodology which motivates students to enhance their personal capacities.

A deep knowledge and experience of the sector has set EUHT StPOL aside as a benchmark for students, professionals and companies for over 45 years. All of this would not have been possible if the school had not remained rigorously faithful to its principles of on-going investment in research, analysis and study of cases and new tendencies aimed at the specialisation programs that best adapt to its students and market requirements.

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Campus تمام وقت 8 - 14  October 2017 اسپانیا Barcelona

صلاحیت از EUHT StPOL و "دانشگاه گرنا: نوآوری و آموزش" بنیاد (یک مدرک رسمیت شناخته شده توسط هر دو نهاد و توسط بخش هتل با توجه به حرفه و قدر و منزلت خود را) [+]

غلظت: - غلظت 1: مدیریت هتل. - غلظت 2: محصولات غذایی و آشامیدنی و مدیریت رستوران صلاحیت صلاحیت از EUHT StPOL و "دانشگاه گرنا: نوآوری و آموزش" بنیاد (یک مدرک رسمیت شناخته شده توسط هر دو نهاد و توسط بخش هتل با توجه به حرفه و قدر و منزلت خود را). مدت زمان 8 ماه تمام وقت کارشناسی ارشد در مدیریت مهمان نوازی، و دوره 4 هفته در برنامه دست در در هتل مدرسه زبان برنامه به طور کامل در زبان انگلیسی است. روش شناسی - علاوه بر این برنامه تحصیلی 60 ECTS مهمان نوازی کسب و کار گرا آن، آن را ارائه می دهد یک حرفه ای ماژول القایی منحصر به فرد که در آن دانش آموزان در هتل مدرسه صرف یک دوره 4 هفته در یک دست در برنامه. - با آموزش ما، ما دانش آموزان در اعمال هر دو شخصی، فنی و حرفه ای حل مسئله باشد. - ما آنها را برای رهبری پویا آنها باید به عنوان مدیران شرکت ورزش آماده کند. - برنامه آموزشی ما شامل مذاکرات از مشهور مدیران هتل بین المللی و زنجیره های هتل مدرس، اجازه می دهد دانش آموزان ما برای دیدن و صحبت در مورد فرصت کسب و کار با رهبران امروز. پذیرش مورد نیاز - درجه این استاد ایده آل برای هر دو تعویض حرفه ای که مایل به حرکت به مهمان نوازی، و برای کوهنوردان حرفه ای که در حال حاضر در این زمینه و به سرعت در مسیر حرفه ای خود است. - مدرک کارشناسی در مطالعات... [-]

آدرس محل سکونت
Carretera N-II s/n Km 664
Sant Pol de Mar

Barcelona, 08395 ES