UCL School Of Energy And Resources, Australia


The UCL School of Energy and Resources, Australia is an integral part of University College London, one of the foremost academic institutions in the world, consistently ranked top ten of the world's best universities by the QS World University Rankings.

UCL is a modern, outward-looking institution, a multidisciplinary university committed to engaging with the major issues of our time. UCL is a true academic powerhouse with no fewer than 21 Nobel Prize winners within our community.

We have a global reach and global vision. Our research reaches the farthest corners of the globe; from the conservation of antiquities in Iraq to the transformation of engineering research in Kazakhstan.

UCL Australia is UCL's first ever overseas campus, and our students are provided with many opportunities to interact with their colleagues in London.

Rich opportunities

The energy and resources industry is under the spotlight more than at any time in history. Both the challenges and the opportunities this highly globalised sector provides are immense.

Growing demand for energy and resources in developing economies and the issues of energy security, affordability and regulation, sustainability, environmental impact and climate change, are demanding ever more complex solutions. These challenges are global and they can only be solved by human ingenuity and vision. 

At UCL Australia, we develop the management talent that will help the industry meet these challenges, evolve and prosper. Our world-leading approach combines academic research with hands-on industry experience.

Our goal is to give our students a broad and deep understanding of the complexities of the industry and the specialised technical knowledge to have a real impact – to pursue sector management careers and shape the energy and resources industry of the future.

Global commitment

One of the core features of UCL's international strategy is our commitment to furthering the notion of global citizenship. We aim to ensure that UCL research is applied to the benefit of global society and to resolve real-world problems. 

Our School of Energy and Resources in Adelaide brings UCL's vast expertise to the centre of the booming resource industry in Australia.

Partnering with the Government of South Australia, Santos Limited and other key industry players, UCL is delivering cutting-edge education with input from key industry leaders.

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کارشناسی ارشد در انرژی و مدیریت منابع (CRICOS کد: 076038B) در UCL استرالیا یک برنامه دو ساله طراحی شده برای ارائه به دانش آموزان با دانش دقیق و جامع از تئوری و عمل معاصر در مدیریت پایدار انرژی و منابع طبیعی است. کارشناسی ارشد به صنعت انرژی و منابع متصل، با متخصصان برجسته دانشگاهی و صنعت بالا کمک به دوره تدریس می شود. برای دانش آموزان تمام وقت، سال 1 شامل هشت دوره ها و طراحی شده است برای تعمیق / گسترش درک میشه. در سال 2، دانشجویان کارشناسی ارشد می توانید یکی از دو گزینه را انتخاب: یا جریان تحقیقات انجام یک پروژه تحقیقاتی در صنعت و یا یک جریان درسی متشکل از ترکیبی از دوره آموزش داده و پروژه های تحقیقاتی کوتاه است. پاره وقت تحصیل در کارشناسی ارشد موجود است فقط به دانشجویانی که در استرالیا تحصیل نه بر ویزای دانشجویی و می تواند در طی یک دوره سه تا پنج سال به اتمام است. هر دوره تحویل به شدت بیش از پنج روز متوالی، به دنبال یک معاینه نوشته شده سه ساعت سه هفته بعد. تکالیف و پروژه برای هر دوره منجر به گزارش است که باید بعد از سه هفته از روز پایانی شهریه را مشاهده کنید. ... [-]