Holmes Institute


Today, Holmes Institute operates as an integrated multi-sector private provider of education. The institute consist of a faculty of Vocational Education and Training, a faculty of Higher Education, a School of Secondary Education and an English Language Centre.

Holmes Institute operates from campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns and Hong Kong, offering a range of awards from the vocational level through to masters' degrees in business administration and accounting. As a multi-sector provider, Holmes Institute is well positioned as an alternative pathway to higher education.

Holmes Institute is driven by a culture of continuous quality improvement and in this context, the institution constantly seeks ways to align its education products with the demands of the labour market. This goal also informs curriculum development at Holmes, which includes fostering a commitment to life-long learning, international perspectives and the advancement of knowledge and understanding among its students.

As part of its commitment to continuous quality improvement, Holmes benchmarks its internal systems, structures, process and practices against best practice in universities and colleges. The institute also embraces new technologies with student-centered teaching and learning strategies, which complement the digital age.

Holmes Institute aspires to quality practices, which provides a stimulating and relevant education for its students and disseminates ideas about learning, community and citizenship relevant to an increasingly complex and technologically driven world.

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