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It goes without saying that studying Business and Administration in the united Europe and globalizing world ought to be international in its meaning. Cooperation with partners form the Baltic Region, Europe, European Union or Russia soon will become indispensable both to students and academics. Therefore University of Business and Administration constantly develops and broadens its international relations offering our students new possibilities.

Students of UBA learn foreign languages at advanced levels, and those with the best academic results have a chance to take part in Erasmus Exchange Programme and study abroad. From their first year at UBA we encourage our students to benefit from the possibility of studying in a foreign country. The school constantly extends its educational offer in English which enhances the quality and value of the knowledge our students gain and prepares them to study abroad. Part of the courses is done by our international academics as well as by the guests from our partner institutions.

Cooperation with schools and universities from Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and others enhances the quality and performance of our academics and gives valuable insight into economics of other countries. The staff of UBA take part in many international educational projects. Each year we organise international conferences and seminars bringing together academics from different countries.

We also invite and encourage all foreign students to come and study at University of Business and Administration in Gdynia. Students can choose one of the following:

• full Bachelor or Master programmes,

• coming for an exchange semester in frames of LLP-Erasmus Programme or other exchange.

Recruitment for our regular programmes is conducted by the Recruitment Office. In case of Erasmus and other exchange, recruitment is conducted by the International Relations Office.

International Activities

University of Business and Administration in Gdynia is active in a number of fields of international cooperation. The most important are:

• information exchange: scientific and professional publications, information on study programmes and teaching methods, curriculum development;

• joint research in the fields of management and administration, both bilateral and within larger European international schemes and research programmes;

• teacher exchange: guest lectures and study visits;

• student exchange within LLP-Erasmus Exchange Programme and bilateral agreements;

• cooperation in research, business training and student internships with foreign companies and foreign investors in Poland;

• creating friendly and supportive environment, providing help and assistance to all academics and students, both foreign and Polish, who wish to give their work and education truly international dimension.

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