Kaplan Professional


Kaplan Professional is a leading national provider of professional education and training for the financial services, tax and accounting and real estate sectors in Australia.
We form part of Kaplan, Inc., (Kaplan) a leading global education provider with over 70 years experience in schools, colleges and universities. Today Kaplan is in over 35 countries worldwide, serves more than one million students each year and has over 31,000 employees in approximately 600 locations.

With over $2.3bn in annual turnover, Kaplan delivers programs globally for early education, post-secondary education, professional training and more.

How you’ll benefit from studying with Kaplan Professional

• You’ll learn the concepts, techniques and skills currently used by today’s leading financial institutions

• You can fit your study around your work and personal schedule with our online learning resources

• Your qualification will be respected by colleagues and employers, which will give you a competitive edge

• You will be part of our global connection that spans Australia, Asia, US, UK and Europe, so your studies will be recognised throughout the world

Accredited and Approved

Kaplan Professional’s courses are accredited as higher education or vocational education qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework. Some courses also provide the education requirements to give financial product advice in accordance with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) Regulatory Guide 146 (RG 146).

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